Water Damage & Structural Restoration Service in Manitoba

Water Damage & Sewer Backup Service in Manitoba

Water damage can occur in your home or business due to issues with plumbing, malfunctioning appliances or even a leaky roof. Whether your basement has flooded due to natural disasters, like an overflowing river or sewer backup, Priority Restoration provides affordable and quick water mitigation response services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Water produced from an unsanitary source has the potential to carry harmful pathogens that can be hazardous to your health if handled without the required protective equipment or cleaning agents. Left untreated, water damage can lead to mould growth and further damages to your property and the valuables within. At Priority Restoration, we are certified water damage restoration experts and our Project Managers and Technicians has the expertise to assess and restore flood and water damage caused by sewer backups, burst pipes and more.

Our team works efficiently to prevent further water damage by starting the drying process immediately.

We know experiencing property damage is a stressful situation. That is why we are committed to helping property owners during these difficult times by providing exceptional restoration services. Our team works efficiently to prevent further water damage by starting the drying process immediately. We understand that water and flood damage is time-sensitive. The longer you wait to repair the damage caused by water, the greater the chances for additional damages.

Sustaining water damage to your home or business can also affect the contents stored within. Important documents, treasured photos albums or family heirlooms can all be adversely affected by water or mould damage. Items once thought to be lost forever may be restored and returned to pre-loss condition with the expertise of our Contents Restoration Department. Let Priority be your restoration contractor of choice and give you comfort and peace of mind while we repair and restore your home, business and possessions.

Why Choose Priority Restoration for Water Damage & Structural Restoration in Manitoba?

Priority Restoration is a preferred contractor for over 30 insurance companies and offers the most comprehensive insurance restoration for properties affected by flood, sewer backups and water damage. At Priority Restoration, our team of trained Project Managers and Technicians have exceptional technical knowledge and adheres to IICRC standards for assisting in water damage restoration, sewer backup cleaning and odour control. Other benefits of choosing Priority Restoration include:

24-hour Emergency Service

If you have experienced water damage to your home or business, our team is ready to go to work the moment you need us. You can call us on our 24-hour emergency service line at 204-786-3344 to set up an appointment with one of our Project Managers. For non-urgent requests send us an email.

Ongoing Communication

We keep the lines of communication open between you and your insurance provider so that all parties are informed of each and every step of the water restoration process.

Certified with State-of-the-art Equipment

With over 35 years of experience and over 150 employees, the Priority Restoration team has the expert training, experience and specialized drying equipment to mitigate water damage to your property.

If you would like to schedule a water damage and structural restoration assessment for your home or business within Winnipeg and the surrounding area, call us at 204-786-3344.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have experienced water damage to my home/business, what should I do first?
Many Insurance Companies have after-hour claims services lines. Call your Insurance provider to discuss coverage, deductibles & coverage limits, then call Priority Restoration 204-786-3344 to start Emergency Services.
What can I expect during the emergency mitigation repairs?

Our professional Team of technicians will remediate the affected area(s). Depending on the type of damage(s), there could be extraction of water, removal of drywall & flooring, asbestos testing and installation of our drying equipment.

How long will the drying equipment be in my home?

If you have water damage our repair crews will be installing drying equipment in the affected areas of your home/business. Water can seep into walls and floors and cause damage that may not be visible. It is very important that drying equipment not be turned off to ensure that your property is dried as quickly as possible. Our mitigation repair Teams have strategically placed equipment to minimize damage and dry your property to prevent further damage. Drying time may vary; daily monitoring of moisture levels will determine when the drying process is complete. If you have concerns with the equipment set up or operation, call your Project Manager.

What happens if the equipment stops working or displays an error code?

Call our office immediately at 204-786-3344 (24/7) for assistance.

How will the drying equipment affect my electricity bill?

We utilize a variety of drying equipment including fans and dehumidifiers, in addition to specialized equipment for hardwood floors, crawlspaces, mould/asbestos abatement and odor control.  The cost of running this equipment can vary from $0.44 – $1.40 per day depending on the needs of your project.   

What happens if mould or asbestos is found in my home?

Priority Restoration is an industry-leading contractor in mould remediation and asbestos abatement services for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional clients. Our specially trained Project Managers understand the risks associated with hazardous material and will work with you to develop a plan specific to your property. We will work with your Insurance provider to determine coverage as not all mould or asbestos removal may be covered under your policy.

What kind of products and chemicals will be used in my home?

We make every attempt to use environmentally products. We will notify you if we are using any products that are not safe for people or pets to be in contact with.

My personal items were affected by the damage to my home/business, what will happen to these items?

We have specially trained staff to assess your personal belongings that may have been affected by fire, water or mould.

Any content that cannot be restored at your property will be packed-out and delivered to our 40,000 sq. ft. facility, where our Team will clean, deodorize  and restore your content. Once all content has been processed it will be stored in our climate-controlled facility until it is ready to be returned.

What happens to those items that cannot be cleaned or repaired?

All content items that are damaged beyond restoration or repair are deemed non-restorable. They are left on-site and listed on a schedule of loss that is provided to you and your Insurance Adjuster. Once an item is determined to be non-restorable, we require your authorization as well as your Adjusters to dispose of these items. Any perishable items, such as food items, are listed and disposed of immediately.

Your Insurance Company will work with you directly on replacing those items, if applicable.