Sushi Restaurant

A local Sushi Restaurant sustained significant smoke and fire damage as a result of a kitchen fire.


The resulting building damages required replacement of 25% of the roof assembly, replacement of mechanical & electrical systems, structural steel framing and complete replacement of all drywall, insulation & finishes.

As is often the case, commercial claims like this involve multiple stakeholders representing both the landlords and the tenant/business owner, which was the case in this claim. When working on a single property which is covered under multiple insurance policies, its critical to thoroughly report on all the damages and confirm with all parties which policy will be responding to which portion of the claim, and what limitations each policy may have. Upon completion of all necessary inspections and reports made available, we organized a walkthrough of the property with all stakeholders, including adjusters from both insurance companies, the restaurant owner(s) and the building owner.

Following this meeting we prepared detailed reports for each insurance company, so they could verify and confirm coverages for each of their policyholders.


With an understanding and agreement of coverages amongst all parties, we proceeded with the emergency mitigation work which included the removal of all smoke & fire damaged building materials. Following this, we dry ice blasted all steel structural components to remove smoke and soot, followed by detailed HEPA vacuuming and encapsulation of the framing.


Commercial policies are often subject to specific limits for items like inventory and contents, as well as leasehold improvements. Having an understanding of these limits is critical in assisting the insureds in understanding any potential costs that may exceed their limits and coordinate where they wish to focus their restoration efforts. In order to manage costs and ensure the client received the most value from their claim, we carefully planned and budgeted the work required alongside them and did all we could to save high value items such as the stainless steel kitchen appliances (valued over $100,000). Instead of consuming insurance monies to replace the kitchen appliances (commercial grade dishwasher, coolers, freezers, etc.), we were able to utilize specialized trades to complete inspections, determine these to be restorable and arrange to have them removed from the premises for cleaning and repair at a fraction of the cost it would have been to replace them.

This ensured that money could be allocated to the replacement of the non-restorable contents such as dishware and cookware while remaining within policy limits.

Our Project Manager worked with the restaurant owner to select like, kind & quality finishes that fit within their coverage limits, while still aligning with their aesthetic vision for the restaurant. The owner also took this opportunity to privately upgrade their sushi bar, which we incorporated into the existing schedule and timeframes.