Marjorie Street Project

The homeowner at our Marjorie Street project, suffered a devastating loss after a candle burning in a bedroom caught fire. The fire and smoke damage quickly spread throughout the entire main floor of the 936 square foot house. We were requested by the Insurance company to complete Fire Restoration Emergency & Re-Construction Services. From start to finish, this project took 5 months to complete.


During our initial site visit, we had the opportunity to meet with the homeowners and review the claims process, including the role of the Insurance Adjuster, Project Manager, and different claim aspects including the fire and smoke damage restoration & the house reconstruction phases. We also had the opportunity to discuss the insureds content restoration needs identifying sentimental items they wished to keep and have restored as well as how their restorable belongings would be handled and stored until they were ready to return to their home. This initial site visit also allowed us to complete a 360-degree Docusketch tour of their home in its current state.

Further inspections of the damages allowed us to develop a preliminary scope of work and First Report for the insurer and insureds. In this case we identified smoke pressurization, which meant that the smoke had penetrated wall and ceiling openings through electrical switches and outlets, travelling through voids in the wall, causing additional damage to framing and insulation. Additionally, electrical and mechanical inspections identified smoke and heat damage to wiring and mechanical components within the home.



Once the interior finishes were removed, we were able to fully see the smoke damage to the framing of the home. This is a critical factor in any fire loss as the pores of the wood have a tendency to open up in the heat of the fire and close back up when the fire is extinguished. If this is not identified at the time of restoration and treated properly, the pores of the wood can open up again during a hot summer day releasing smoke odor into the house. Our skilled technicians and painters were able to clean the wood framing for surface soot and then seal the wood with an encapsulating sealant specific for this purpose.


With the demolition and cleaning portion of the claim completed, our Project Team was able to work alongside the homeowner to create a repair scope of work, utilizing like kind and quality materials originally found in the home. Having the ability to review the 360-degree Docusketch tour created at the onset of the project allowed us to go through the home room by room ensuring that building finish qualities were appropriately captured in the scope and an accurate estimate submitted to the Insurance company. With everyone in agreement on the scope of repairs, a schedule was developed and the homeowner was included in the process, providing selections for paint finishes, flooring, plumbing, and light fixtures.

Thanks to the work of our dedicated and skilled in-house trades and specialty sub-trades, we were able to provide the homeowner with an updated and personalized house to call home again.